Monday, October 5, 2009

End of a great thing!

To all those loyal customers of Alpha Omega Guitar Effects I want to say THANK YOU! Due to economic (and other reasons) we will no longer be able to produce, modify or repair any Alpha Omega products. Alpha Omega Guitar Effects has been liquidated and shut down. We really enjoyed our time helping musicians find their Heavenly Tone! To all who own one of our products, we hope you have years of enjoyment and make beautiful music.
God Bless to all.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Koinonia Pedal

I know its been way to long since my last blog. Sorry about that but things have been hectic around here. Some personal things and some business related things just make the time tick by to fast. Anyway, I was contacted by a worship pastor in Colorado looking for a custom built pedal. He plays a Taylor acoustic guitar with the Expression System. If you know this guitar you know it sounds best with a 1/4 in. balanced output to XLR straight to a PA house system. So how do you add any effects with out going big dollar rack equipment or adding effects at the house board where you have to trust your sound tech. Well. here is the answer.
The Koinonia Pedal. It is custom made effect and offers two effects in a single box with balanced input and output for the Taylor Expression System. This model custom made for Jim in Colorado, is a Chorus and Digital delay. The effects can be used
individually or together and when not being used offers true bypass. This was a fun but time consuming build. I don't know how many more of these I will make. Jim may end up with the only one in existence. Who knows.....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jakson Amplifiers

I was contacted the other day by a local custom guitar amp builder. Jackson Amplification makes extremely high quality hand built amplifiers. They are located in the Dallas Ft. Worth, North Texas area. Their website highlights each amp and there are many sound clips available for your audio pleasure.

Here are the highlighted amps from their website.

The Atlantic from Jackson Ampworks is one of the most versatile and touch responsive amplifiers ever built! With tones that range from California Clean to UK Crunch, and infinite variations in between, The Atlantic is one amplifier that can do it all! For even more flexibility, activate the included footswitchable Mode Selector (gain boost) and the Atlantic becomes one of the most versatile amps of all time!

The Union Jack from Jackson Ampworks captures the tone of late 60's British Blues! From clean tones that resound with the richness of a grand piano, to the thickest, warmest, most organic overdrive tones available, the
Union Jack is one amplifier that no musician should be without! Capture the most famous tones from the legendary guitar heroes of the 1960's with the Jackson Ampworks Union Jack!

The Britain from Jackson Ampworks is an amplifier whose tonal palette covers many of the legendary tones that originated from the United Kingdom. Every tone ranging from a sparkling clean chime, to rich and aggressive overdrive is found in this amplifier simply by adjusting your guitars volume control! Possess the best of the legendary British guitar sounds with the Jackson Ampworks Britain!

Below is a list of some of the high quality components used in the Jackson Ampworks series of amplifiers.

  • Laser Cut and Polished Stainless Steel Chassis with Welded Corners
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Multi-Speed Chassis Mounted Fan
  • Stainless Steel Fan Mount
  • Clarostat Sealed Conductive Plastic Potentiometers
  • Silver Plated Teflon Wire
  • Custom Wound Heyboer Transformers
  • Precision Cut and Drilled Turret Boards
  • G10 Fiberglass Turret Board
  • Stainless Steel Front and Back Face Plates
  • Silk Screened Front and Back Face Plates
  • Stainless Steel Serial Number Plate - Laser Engraved
  • Central Point Grounding with Star Ground
  • Distributed Power Supply
  • Innovative Omni-Range Bias Adjustment
  • Locking Bias Adjustment Pots
  • Gold Plated Ceramic Tube Sockets
  • Mallory 150 Coupling Capacitors
  • JJ and Sprague Atom Filter Caps
  • Heavy Duty Carling Switches
  • Fully Isolated Switchcraft Input and Speaker Jacks
  • 5% Carbon Film Resistors
  • Threaded Metal Inserts (for securing back panel to cabinet)
  • Nylock Plate Nuts (for securing chassis to cabinet)
  • Finger Joint Baltic Birch Cabinets

Go to their website and check out Jackson Amplifiers today!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Working, Working Working......

We have our prototype Wah Wah pedal done but it needs some more tweaking. It features both a vintage wound Halo inductor and a Red Fasil inductor. You will be able select each inductor separately or both in parallel or series. Very versatile. We will have an external bass adjustment which has the effects of changing the voicing of the wah.

We are also working on a special project for a Worship Leader of o church in Colorado. More on this soon.

Sorry for the delays in blog post. We will try to do better. We are just really busy with new projects and back orders.
THANK YOU to everyone who has ordered from us. We do appreciate you all.

I will also be highlighting two new company's I have come across in future post.
Thanks Again,

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Watch out here it comes!

Keep watching!
In the next few days we will reveal our new Alpha Wah. Featuring two inductors. First is a vintage wound Halo inductor and second is a Red Fasel inductor. Tons of vintage wah tone and flavor. With selectable inductors you control the wah tone you want. Position 1 is the vintage Halo inductor alone. Selection 2 is the Red Fasel inductor alone. Position 3 is both inductors in parallel and position 4 is both inductors in series. Add the ability to externally control Q, Bass and Mid frequencies and you can find any tone you desire. We build this pedal with an internal buffer. We think it sounds smoother and works better with other pedals this way, however if requested we will build it with no buffer installed for you purest out there. We also include an external on/off LED indicator. Something that is missing from most wah pedals. Also this is a true bypass wah pedal when it is selected off.
All Alpha Omega Pedals are available for purchase at

Monday, February 25, 2008

The "Four 40" Envelope Filter at Alpha Omega Guitar Effects

Here it is! The new "Four 40" envelope filter from Alpha Omega Guitar Effects. A vintage circuit analog envelope filter (auto wah) using the VTL5C4/2 Opto-Coupler and 4558 Op-Amp for true vintage tone. A very versatile pedal with a fixed wah selection. Switch to manual mode, add a distortion pedal into the chain, set the sweep knob to your sweet spot and you have instant classic rock vibe. Select auto mode and a clean channel for Funk and Reggae styles. Turn the level knob down and let your picking attack trigger the filter for great playing dynamic. Turn it up and just let the filter do its thing. You still can trigger the filter with pick attack but with less effort. The harder your picking attack the harder the filter hits. This is a must have pedal for any vintage tone freaks pedal board.

Check one out today at

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Delay in product update.

Please pray for Dana the owner of Alpha Omega Guitar Effects and his family. His mother was called home to be with the Lord this week. He apologizes for not updating his blog or retail site in a timely manner but needs time to get personal issues on track in these trying times. Thank You for your prayers and understanding. He looks forward to bringing you new products and updates soon.

The Staff of Alpha Omega Guitar Effects

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I ran across this on Ebay today. As an effects builder I often buy used vintage pedals to get circuit ideas. I use these old circuits to replicate and modify new pedal designs. However I also need to pass on a product at price that is competitive and fair for the products I build. I would love to have a vintage Uni-Vibe but wow, how can I pass on a fair price when I would already have a starting point like this. I know I would own the pedal but its still all about cash flow. Don't get me wrong, I think its probably worth every dime this seller is asking, and some really licky but soon to be poor guitar player will get this great pedal,
but for now I will just not plan on a Uni-Vibe clone. So lets just all enjoy the picture of this great vintage pedal for now.
Please let me know if anyone who views this blog buys this I can have pedal envy.

Not much time left!

Just a quick note. I know I haven't been posting much lately. Some family stuff like anniversary's, birthdays, out of town guest and taxes have been taking up all my time. Please don't forget that our discount promotion will end on February 29th, so take advantage and save some hard earned money (look at our last post). We are going to be RAMPING UP in March and April so keep looking.
Have a great week,
Dana @ Alpha Omega Guitar Effects

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making up for lost time!

For anyone who has visited our blog recently we would like to say thank you! We appreciate every visit. We have been kind of slow to updates this blog and to put product on our retail website. For this we do apologize. Between the holiday season and bad weather things have kind of backlogged. We will be placing more product on the site soon. We will also be putting new content on this blog that will be of interest to all you guitar players out there. Look for some new versions of our pedals this year. We are making changes to our "Four40" envelope filter, our "Temptation" distortion/overdrive pedal, our Angel Song" chorus pedal and we hope to have a really cool WAH WAH pedal by March. This is one of the reasons we are slow to list product. We need to get them built and photographed. Please be patent and check both here and at often for updates. Remember we build each pedal by hand and it takes time to produce high quality effects for you the discriminating guitarist. We won't release a pedal until its up to our high standards.


Follow the link below and recieve an additional 10% off your order from our retail website.
You must use this link to get the discount:

If you want great vintage tone look no further than Alpha Omega vintage inspired guitar effects!

Until next time,
God Bless
Dana @ Alpha Omega Guitar Effects