Thursday, March 27, 2008

Watch out here it comes!

Keep watching!
In the next few days we will reveal our new Alpha Wah. Featuring two inductors. First is a vintage wound Halo inductor and second is a Red Fasel inductor. Tons of vintage wah tone and flavor. With selectable inductors you control the wah tone you want. Position 1 is the vintage Halo inductor alone. Selection 2 is the Red Fasel inductor alone. Position 3 is both inductors in parallel and position 4 is both inductors in series. Add the ability to externally control Q, Bass and Mid frequencies and you can find any tone you desire. We build this pedal with an internal buffer. We think it sounds smoother and works better with other pedals this way, however if requested we will build it with no buffer installed for you purest out there. We also include an external on/off LED indicator. Something that is missing from most wah pedals. Also this is a true bypass wah pedal when it is selected off.
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