Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alpha Omega Guitar Effects New Blog

Welcome to Alpha Omega Guitar Effects new blog.\
Our new retail web site is under development at:

Welcome to the Tone of Yester Year. You now can add great tonal tools to your sound arsenal. We offer hand built, quality, vintage circuit effects pedals. Just plug in and get enveloped in the HeavenlyTone of the Alpha Omega world of sound. At Alpha Omega Guitar Effects we are musicians just like you. And we live for great guitar tone. All our pedals offer dual power options of either 9v battery and or 9v external power supplies . Each pedal is hand made to our ultra high standards.

We offer hand built Boutique Guitar effects pedals for tone lovers. All pedals are vintage circuit with modern touches. All our pedals are true bypass so when they are selected off they will not color your original tone. All pedals have on / off indicator LED and vintage voicing to sound as close to the highly sought after vintage original pedals (costing 3 times as much). Get that Heavenly Tone you have been praying for. Email us at: .

This is our "Big Delta" pedal. A vintage fuzz based on the 1978 Electro Harmonics Big Muff Pie first edition (also the best edition to date). The sound clip at the top of this blog is a pair of my friends, a two man band. The guitar tracks are through a clean Fender Reissue Blues DeVille 410, with a modified Fender Tele with a Hotrail pickup in the bridge position using the Alpha Omega "Big Delta" as the only effect to front of amp. Mic'd with a Shure SM57. The sound clip at the top of this blog is of the "Big "Delta". Please enjoy my friends Kory and Coleman at work.

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