Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alpha Omega Test Rigs

We have been ask by several readers "What type of equipment do you test your pedals?"

So, we are going to highlight some of our test equipment so you can be better informed. We cannot test our pedals with every possible gigging rig out there, but we do have some gear to show you. This is only our one of our possible test rigs. This rig uses a 2002 Peavey Delta Blues 2x10 combo rated at 30 watts with JJ's Tubes. The preamp is a set of 3 matched 12AX7's and the power section is 4 matched EL84's. The speaker out on the amp is sent to a modified Line 6 4x12 slant cab with Celestion vintage 30's. The guitar is a 1988 Fender American Deluxe Plus with "Fender" Lace pickups. The bridge is a Blue Lace the middle and neck are Silver Lace.

This is our demo board. We use this board for testing new pedal builds and to showcase our pedals for local musicians and retail outlets. We use a Furman Model SBC-8C powered pedal board. These boards are incredible. The conditioned power is worth every dime along with the individual 9v supplies that give you a total of 960ma total draw or 120ma each output. Plus you get an additional 4 110v outlet plugs for added power supplies. All of our patch cables are custom made to length Planet Wave cables. These cables are very easy to make and have a very low impedence for optimal sound quality. We hope to offer these cables on our retail website in the future.
We are putting the final touches on our Website at or . We are taking final pictures of all Alpha Omega Guitar Effects products and finishing up sound clips. It just takes time.
Thanks again for your visit to our blog.
Dana @ Alpha Omega Guitar Effects

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Klampert said...

I can't wait till your site is up...I'll be pluggin the heck out of it...and cant wait to hear some sound bytes