Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Koinonia Pedal

I know its been way to long since my last blog. Sorry about that but things have been hectic around here. Some personal things and some business related things just make the time tick by to fast. Anyway, I was contacted by a worship pastor in Colorado looking for a custom built pedal. He plays a Taylor acoustic guitar with the Expression System. If you know this guitar you know it sounds best with a 1/4 in. balanced output to XLR straight to a PA house system. So how do you add any effects with out going big dollar rack equipment or adding effects at the house board where you have to trust your sound tech. Well. here is the answer.
The Koinonia Pedal. It is custom made effect and offers two effects in a single box with balanced input and output for the Taylor Expression System. This model custom made for Jim in Colorado, is a Chorus and Digital delay. The effects can be used
individually or together and when not being used offers true bypass. This was a fun but time consuming build. I don't know how many more of these I will make. Jim may end up with the only one in existence. Who knows.....

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