Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. May God bestow peace and prosperity on all. May peace be found in the world. What a wonderful world we would have if we all served others with love and kindness. We may all have different opinions about religion, politics, and life in general but why kill each other over these differences. Start the New Year by being kind to someone you don't know. Get to know someone you would not normally associate with. Give something you don't need to someone who needs it. These small steps will go a long way.
God bless our troops and those they protect and serve here at home and abroad. God Bless our leaders whoever they may be. God give them wisdom to lead and protect. A new year can create a new beginning, so look for ways to change yourself and others will follow your change.
I personally put God and my savior Jesus Christ first in my life. I play music to honor and praise my Lord and help other to praise and worship Him. I trust God in my marriage, business and life. He has been faithful to his promises and I hope to be in His eternal presents (rock'n my guitar in worship) at the end of my life here on earth.

Happy New Year!
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