Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Taylor Electric Guitars

I've been really busy filling orders for fine people who are willing to try out an Alpha Omega Pedal. What I really want to do is track down a new Taylor Electric Guitar and try one out. I am really impressed with the look of these guitars from their web site I hope my local Guitar Center has at least one to demo. If Taylor produces an electric as good as their acoustic guitars I will probably end up with one.
Just thought I would share some pictures of these nice looking guitars.
Add some quality effects from and these guitars will just rock.


abit.of.a.nerd said...

congrats on a load of wicked content man i love pedals so much have spent an hour wizzing round the net thank god i landed here

do u mind if i place a link to your blog from mine?

many thanks darren

Alpha Omega Guitar Effects said...

Hey Darren,
Would be honored to have a link on your page. I'll put one up for you also OK?
Dude I am all over the vintage market. Its the coolest guitar stuff around. Its also the coolest guitar tone. Agreed?
Thanks for the comment,

abit.of.a.nerd said...

Hey Dana
just putting the link to your website up, must say i have to agree with the vintage tone, its just got it.

Are all of your effects point to point or pcb??

have a good week.


Alpha Omega Guitar Effects said...

Hey Darren,
I appreciate the link. Any chance of adding my website I would appreciate it.
I use PCB's it allow me to use a smaller enclosure. I try to keep the same footprint as a Boss pedal to save space. A PCB also allows for more complicated circuits in a smaller space with more precision. I only use the best components I can find and all the PCB's use silver covered copper traces. Its a little more expensive to have them made that way but it's worth it.

I would love to be able to comment on your blog but I can't find a way to do it.
God Bless,

abit.of.a.nerd said...

hey Dana,

Hope your having a good day.

Thank you so much for the encouraging remarks on my blog, im hoping to demystify the wole guitar as many of my friends keep knocking on my door for setups and the like and its al so easy to do, the shielding makes a huge difference if you dont have noiseless pickups, i did it so i could use an old 70's really hot bridge pickup in my strat and WOW i could hear it.

So how did you get into effects pedals??