Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making up for lost time!

For anyone who has visited our blog recently we would like to say thank you! We appreciate every visit. We have been kind of slow to updates this blog and to put product on our retail website. For this we do apologize. Between the holiday season and bad weather things have kind of backlogged. We will be placing more product on the site soon. We will also be putting new content on this blog that will be of interest to all you guitar players out there. Look for some new versions of our pedals this year. We are making changes to our "Four40" envelope filter, our "Temptation" distortion/overdrive pedal, our Angel Song" chorus pedal and we hope to have a really cool WAH WAH pedal by March. This is one of the reasons we are slow to list product. We need to get them built and photographed. Please be patent and check both here and at www.alphaomegafx.com often for updates. Remember we build each pedal by hand and it takes time to produce high quality effects for you the discriminating guitarist. We won't release a pedal until its up to our high standards.


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Dana @ Alpha Omega Guitar Effects

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