Monday, February 25, 2008

The "Four 40" Envelope Filter at Alpha Omega Guitar Effects

Here it is! The new "Four 40" envelope filter from Alpha Omega Guitar Effects. A vintage circuit analog envelope filter (auto wah) using the VTL5C4/2 Opto-Coupler and 4558 Op-Amp for true vintage tone. A very versatile pedal with a fixed wah selection. Switch to manual mode, add a distortion pedal into the chain, set the sweep knob to your sweet spot and you have instant classic rock vibe. Select auto mode and a clean channel for Funk and Reggae styles. Turn the level knob down and let your picking attack trigger the filter for great playing dynamic. Turn it up and just let the filter do its thing. You still can trigger the filter with pick attack but with less effort. The harder your picking attack the harder the filter hits. This is a must have pedal for any vintage tone freaks pedal board.

Check one out today at

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