Thursday, February 14, 2008


I ran across this on Ebay today. As an effects builder I often buy used vintage pedals to get circuit ideas. I use these old circuits to replicate and modify new pedal designs. However I also need to pass on a product at price that is competitive and fair for the products I build. I would love to have a vintage Uni-Vibe but wow, how can I pass on a fair price when I would already have a starting point like this. I know I would own the pedal but its still all about cash flow. Don't get me wrong, I think its probably worth every dime this seller is asking, and some really licky but soon to be poor guitar player will get this great pedal,
but for now I will just not plan on a Uni-Vibe clone. So lets just all enjoy the picture of this great vintage pedal for now.
Please let me know if anyone who views this blog buys this I can have pedal envy.

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