Sunday, September 2, 2007

Alpha Omega "Vintage Line" Guitar pedals. The "Temptation" Distortion pedal

Just wanted to add a few more pictures of our Vintage Line of Guitar Effects Pedals.
This is our "Temptation" Pedal.
A very saturated distortion pedal based on the 1978 ProCo Rat circuit. This little pedal has been described as having a singing “vocal like” sound with tons of sustain and harmonics. The circuit has been modified with an added overdrive selection that will please any tube screamer lover. We even give you a Big Boost selection for added volume as a clean or slightly overdriven boost pedal. This pedal is hand built and hand finished. It features True Bypass switching, an internal 9v power supply and an external 9v input, Super bright red on/off Led, only top shelf components and awesome tone.
Control are:
Good = Volume
VS = Tone
Evil = Gain
Rat Icon = Rat Distortion circuit
Speaker Icon = Big Boost circuit
Tube Icon = Overdrive circuit

Price is $179.99 plus $7.95 flat rate shipping within the continental United States. Please email us for shipping outside the continental US. If you Email us and mention this blog you will receive a 20% discount on all orders. We will invoice thru PayPal until our retail web site is finished.

Please email: Dana at to order
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