Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brandon Wyatt Signature Model "Spiritus Sanctus"

We just finished a joint project with Brandon Wyatt the lead guitar player for Ephesus ( http://www.ephesusband.com/ ). Brandon loved the sound of our stock "Spritus Sanctus" overdrive/distortion pedal but we wanted to give him something special. So here it is the Brandon Wyatt Signature Model "Spiritus Sanctus". We did a few modifications to the clipping section and made a few component value changes to better suit Brandon's guitar rig.

Brandon's axe of choice is a Gibson Les Paul Studio with standard electronics.

He plays through a Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace 2x12 combo. We added some top end frequencies and clarity because of the bass heavy response of the Stiletto. We also changed the clipping section for some added distortion (but not over the top) to work with the EL-34's and closed back speaker box in Brandon's amp. The result, a slightly brighter but grittier sound. Brandon's words when we plugged the final product up was "Man I Want To Marry This Pedal I'm So In Love With It". We gave the pedal the graphic logo of Ephesus and added his name. Brandon wanted the pedal to look aged so we distressed the finish to look like it has been gigging awhile. We will offer this pedal for sale on our new retail web site at http://www.heavenlytone.com/ . The site is up but it will be another week until we have all our products listed for sale. Please look for our huge Grand Opening Sale soon.

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