Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Digital Delay with analog voicing? You bet. The Alpha Omega "Divine Echo"

Todays highlight is our Alpha Omega "Divine Echo" Digital Delay pedal. This little pedal will make you believe in delay again.

A digital delay voiced to have the same high end roll off that gave vintage analog delays their warm tone. The expensive BBD (bucket brigade delay) chips they used were not the secret...it was their high frequency filter. This filter rolls off a little high end with each repeat and creates the atmospheric effect of each repeat traveling farther and farther away. Most digital delays were unable to recreate this desired effect. The "Divine Echo" digital delay pedal is capable of up to 300ms of delay time and can be easily modified for longer delay times up to 600ms. And, yes...this delay self oscillates and yes it is true bypass. You can get everything from mellow reverb to sweet slapback to almost endless repeats. The Choice is yours.
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Note: At this time we do not offer tap tempo for this pedal

Delay = Delay time up to 300ms (600ms with Mod)
Repeats = Number of repeat echos
Blend = Amount of delay effect blended with the incoming signal
Price is $169.99 (add $10.00 for 600ms mod) plus $7.95 flat rate shipping within the continental United States. Please email us for shipping outside the continental US. If you Email us and mention this blog you will receive a 20% discount on all orders. We will invoice thru PayPal until our retail web site is finished.
Please email: Dana at ao.heavenlytone@verizon.net to order
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Note on 600ms Modification: ( add $10.00 to pedal price)
Slight tonal change and some distortion may occur to end repeats at max delay times
with this mod. In live band situations this is not noticeable, and some have discribed it as desirable.

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