Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why Vintage Tone?

You might be asking yourself "Why Vintage Tone"? We say why not. At Alpha Omega Guitar Effects we are constantly in search of vintage tone. Why? Because some of the best classic electric guitar tones ever heard came from the classic age of Rock and Blues music in the 60's, 70's and early 80's. So why try and emulate this tone? While we know we can't recreate some of the classic guitar rigs of great players, we can recreate some of the classic gear they used. Namely the effects pedals. Why do you think all the big name amplifier company's have reissued their classic vintage gear. Because it is still all about that vintage tone. Marshall and Fender are both in a race to recreate their old vintage amp's. Some are hand-wired some offer vintage circuits. Thats what we are doing too. From the classic Ibenez TS-808, vintage Fuzz Face, Classic MK II Fuzz, Rock'n ProCo Rat, to the Electro Harmonics Big Muff Pie, the vintage DOD 440 envelope filter and others. We are trying to bring affordable vintage tone to your door. There are other boutique builders out there. There are great guitar effects everywhere. So why buy from us? The reasons are numerous but to make it simple: We wanted to offer not just a good variety of products but want to make each one the best, high quality piece of gear for the money. We can't sell at big name manufacturers prices, we don't have that kind of buying power or production capability. We do hunt down the best component we can find. We do hand soldier, wire and assemble each pedal. We do use a high quality printed circuit board, and all components are hand picked and tested for quality. Each aluminum case is hand finished right down to hand polishing the final clear coat. All modifications are done by hand and each pedal is tested before it is shipped. Not just plugged in to see if it works but played for at least an hour to check all components for operation and tone quality.
All Alpha Omega Guitar Effects Pedals are True Bypass, have super bright on-off LED indicators and can be powered from a 9v internal battery and/or an external 9v power supply (standard boss style 2.1mm).

We don't want to compete with the Big Manufactures what we would like to do is let our pedals speak for themselves. Most of our pedals are floating around the Dallas Ft.Worth area but we would like to get them out to the world so players can hear them.
If you read this blog and e-mail us to order a pedal until October 31st, 2007 we will give a 25% discount on our retail prices. Shipping will also be reduced to $5.95 for domestic US shipping until October 31st, 2007. International and shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico will be higher and quoted separately. Please email for details at
We can invoice through PayPal.

Our retail web site is still under development at
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