Monday, September 10, 2007

So What does Alpha Omega Guitar Effects Offer?

  • As a small custom boutique shop we have searched for what best soot's the average to great guitar player. As a guitar and guitar effects nut myself (average at best player), I like many of you am a "Gearhead". I know, we don't want to admit it but its true we constantly look for some secret weapon to give us that killer tone (we choose the word heavenly tone). Some boutique builders offer one or two pedals, some offer many more. We wanted to offer not just a good variety of products but want to make each one the best, high quality piece of gear we can for the money. We can't sell at big name manufacturers prices, we don't have that kind of buying power or production capability. We do hunt down the best component we can find. We do hand soldier, wire and assemble each pedal. We do use a high quality printed circuit board, and all components are hand picked and tested for quality. Each aluminum case is hand finished right down to hand polishing the final clear coat. All modifications are done by hand and each pedal is tested before it is shipped. Not just plugged in to see if it works but played for at least an hour to check all components.

    Several emails from people have asking about what products we offer.
    So here is the list:

  • The “Temptation" : A very saturated distortion pedal based on the 1978 ProCo Rat circuit. This little pedal has been described as having a singing “voice like” sound with tons of sustain. The circuit has been modified with an added overdrive selection that will please any tube screamer lover. We even give you a Big Boost selection for added volume as a clean or slightly overdriven boost pedal. $179.99

  • The “Big Delta" : Like Fuzz? We do. Here is a takeoff of the 1971 Electro Harmonics Big Muff Pie. With fuzz from mild to gritty this pedal will send you right into the 1970’s Features include volume, gain and a very usable tone control. Fuzz on.
  • $ 159.99

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Track details

The guitar tracks on this sample are through a clean Fender Reissue Blues DeVille 410, with a modified Fender Tele with a Hotrail pickup in the bridge position using the Alpha Omega "Big Delta" as the only effect to front of amp. Mic'd with a Shure SM57. The drums were mic'd the same as in early Led Zeppelin albums.

  • The “Spiritus Sanctus” : The spirit inside your guitar tone. A distortion / overdrive pedal that is very transparent and organic. Two simple knobs: volume and gain. That’s all you need. Your natural guitar and amp tones shine though, we only add the harmonic distortions to bring the spirit alive. Bring your tone spirit out today. $ 129.99

  • The “Creation" : Based on the original Tube screamer TS808, and as great sounding. We even use the original JRC4558 op amp for that mid warmth. We go one step farther and give you three options on tone. First is the original “TS808” tone. Second is a “British Crunch” selection, this gives the added crunch of a vintage overdrive into a British amp. Third a Big Boost option for a simple clean boost or a mild volume boosted overdrive. You be the judge and start “Creating” your own personal tone. Volume, gain and tone controls. $ 179.99

  • The “Scripture” : Phasers are a great way to add depth and warmth to any guitar tone. The Scripture is a vintage script 90 phaser with great depth and rate options. Capable of deep, slow, swooshing airplane sounds to lush phase shifting that's reminiscent of the 60's. The Scripture can cover everything from EVH to Pink Floyd.
    Can be used on clean tones for added depth, in front or behind an overdrive or distortion pedal for added space and warmth. Also works very well with acoustic guitars. Experiment and have fun that’s what they did in the 60’s and 70’s. $139.99

  • The “Four40” : An analog envelope filter based on the vintage Green DOD 440. This is an organic envelope effect featuring the Vactec VTL5C4/2 opto-coupler. It is very responsive to your playing dynamics. The harder you play, the harder the filter hits. This is the circuit that gained popularity after Radiohead used it to record, but it's really a must have for any funk or reggae players or anybody who's just looking for something a little different. $129.99

  • The “Angel Song” : There is no better way to add warmth and depth than with vintage analog chorus. Clean tones will shimmer with added voicing. Added behind a distortion pedal and you are now bigger than life. Many great recordings and live bands have used chorus for added feel and warmth. Use with acoustic guitars for added fullness, body and warmth. You will fall in love with chorus again. Controls include depth and speed. We even made the on/off indicator blink to the rate of the speed control so you can dial in with the tempo of your music. $169.99

  • The “Divine Echo” : Digital delay with analog voicing? What???? Just what it say’s. A digital delay voiced to have the same high end roll off that gave vintage analog delays their warm tone. Ever wanted the simplicity of an analog delay pedal with the versatility of digital delay? Here you go. Add everything from a light reverb to near endless repeats to all out digital spacey sounds. Controls include: DELAY for time between delay repeats up to
    300 ms (600 ms modification available, REPEATS for number of repeats and BLEND to blend the amount of delay signal with incoming signal. The digital delay is capable of over 300ms of delay time. And yes...this delay can self oscillate and yes it is true bypass. $169.99 (600ms modification add $10.00) Note on 600ms Modification: A slight tonal change and some distortion may occur to end repeats at max delay times with this mod. In live band situations this is not noticeable, and some have discribed it as desirable.
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  • The “Mark II” : The Ultimate Fuzz for “Zeppelin” fans. This is the same circuit that made Jimmy Page’s tone, well, so Led Zeppelin. A true 3 Germanium transistor Vintage fuzz. We use only matched and tested ( meaning expensive) Ge transistors for that rich but musical fuzz that gave Led Zeppelin their sound. We take it one step further and go true bypass and add an on/off LED, and give you an external bias knob for more control over your the tone of those Ge transistors (new feature not pictured).
    $179.99 Note: This is a positive ground pedal just like the original. You can power this pedal from a 9v internal battery or from a stand alone standard 9v power adapter. It must not be daisychained to other negative ground pedals beacause damage may occur to the pedal.

  • We are always in the R&D phase, so new pedals are coming. We want to offer some of the best vintage replica pedals available. Not just a sound-alike but a true version of the highly sought after original. We also want to be versital and modern so most of our pedals offer a modification or addon not found on the original. All are true bypass and all use the boss standard 9v power adapter as well as a 9v internal battery.
  • Shipping is $7.95 flat within the continental United States. Please email us for shipping outside the continental US. If you Email us and mention this blog and you will receive a 20% discount on all orders. We will invoice thru PayPal until our retail web site is finished. Please email: Dana at to order.
  • If the pedal you order is out of stock it will take up to 3 weeks to build and ship your pedal to you. Trust us they are worth the wait.
For all our pedals we are working on sound clips an pictures. We will post them when avaliable.

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